Communication linked to the project work.

Just as we set up a complete set of communication and tracking systems Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day arrives in my email box – a new online project management tool called  TeamBox !

But please leave comments on all our blogs and we have also set up a Google Group and all code for the projects is  available on Google code.   We have a  task management system using TaskFreek and will be releasing progress notes as we go along.   Looking forward to hearing from you all.

2 thoughts on “Communication linked to the project work.

  1. Steve Lee

    Team looks interesting but your shiny new setup also has an integrated code repository. As you are developing code that is vital for you and you would be stuck without it.

    Google Wave [1] looks like it will be good for the basic (non code) team collaboration as well. I’m waiting to get my account so I can play with it.


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