Web2Access new entries: Teambox and xFRUITS

Teambox may appear to be a useful way of working on a project with others and I was very hopeful that it would mean there was no need to make a mashup of a set of services.  Sadly it was not that accessible for screen reader users.  I am also not sure that it is really as good as the combination of services that Seb has put together for us all as ours are all capable of doing more than the combined Teambox service.

xFRUITS was a really inaccessible way of aggregating your RSS feeds if you have to use a screen reader.   Lovely idea and would be brilliant if it really was easy to use, although I suspect I am saying this because I am not a true geek!  Now if someone has a better way of providing this service I would love to see it – otherwise here is another project in the offing!!

2 thoughts on “Web2Access new entries: Teambox and xFRUITS

    1. E.A. Draffan Post author

      We hope to update all our entries over the summer break so I really am grateful for this update news. Many thanks

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