Monthly Archives: October 2009

Global AutoCorrect developed by LexDis Participant

Neil Cottrell has just spent some of  his university days developing a software program to help his ideas to flow and improve his spelling whilst writing lengthy Psychology essays.

The problem is if you use a normal spell checker that underlines all the errors you make it tends to disrupt your thought processes.  Neil discovered that if he used Microsoft Word’s AutoCorrect this speeded up his writing, however this did not work with every application.  This meant Neil was doing a lot of copy and pasting into Facebook and online emails to make sure they were correct.

The idea of making a program was borne out of frustration and Neil felt his spelling was not improving.  So Global AutoCorrect slowly developed from his ideas thanks to a series of IT tutorials and a considerable amount of time in front of his computer.  The results can now be seen on Neil’s website where there is a video explaining it all – tutorials can also be viewed via YouTube.

Neil is planning to release the first version of his program during Dyslexia Awareness Week November 1st – 7th 2009.   To find out more information or to contact Neil please go to the LexAble website.