Thank you for beta testing the JISC TechDis Toolbar.

The JISC TechDis toolbar is out for beta testing and we would just like to thank all those who have been trying it out.  We are incredibly grateful to the folks who have contributed to the bug tracking.  Any new ideas and issues that have arisen are gratefully received.

We would also like to thank Steve Lee and OSS Watch for all their support with this our first open source project.  We have learnt so much about this community along the way and are now involved in two other open source projects – one for Computer Aid – building a magnifier for a pen drive and another very exciting application that will help those who have communication difficulties.

Garry Paxton has set up a Charitable Trust that is not only developing open source content in the form of the Mulberry symbol set to support those who have communication difficulties, but is now making it possible for Seb to develop an open source application for sharing it on the web – the project is called Picboard .

We will be revamping our Access technologies web pages next week to keep everyone updated on all the projects and LexDis is still open for more student strategies.  There is a quick screen cast of how you can add a lite version of the toobar to Internet Explorer.  Apologies for the poor sound quality… I need to replace my headset!

We have also created a button for the Toolbar that you can embed on your page to start the toolbar:

Toolbar Launcher

PNG format

Launch Toolbar

GIF format