Monthly Archives: May 2013

ATbar working with MindMeister for mind mapping support.

In playing with the online browser based mind mapping tool MindMeister we have found that not only does ATbar work well when you are editing your maps but also when you embed them into a website as is demonstrated with this blog.

So you maximise the Mindmeister map presented on this page by selecting the window in the map’s bottom toolbar – it opens a new window in the browser and you can launch ATbar to read the text on the mind map branches, add a tint overlay, use the dictionary etc.  The overlays work best with Firefox and Chrome as then you can click through the tint to highlight text for reading with the text to speech etc.   These features do not seem to work with IE at present.

As you can see from the mindmap we are now developing a system to automatically check all the plugins so that we can make maintenance a little easier and have a quick way of checking when things are not working.

Do tell us about any other ideas or findings you have when using the toolbar as we want to make it as useful as possible.