Monthly Archives: September 2020

Web2Access updated with automatic checker and Accessibility Statement generator.

Thanks to a group of MSc computer science students at the University of Southampton and colleagues, we have updated Web2Access to fit with WCAG 2.1 Success Criteria and provided an automatic checking system that produces an Accessibility Statement.  It is a copy of the UK government’s latest template that can be adapted to suit individual needs after a website or service has been reviewed.  Any number of pages can be reviewed when you use the automatic checker and there is a visual appraisal system to double check false positives or negatives, including the words used to describe images as alternative text, overlaps on zoom and orientation issues for mobile technologies.  There is also the original manual checker for use with a screen reader and keyboard only access to add to the automatic checks.

There are some basic instructions on the Web2Access review page and we hope it will help with all the last minute testing that might be going on at the moment!    It can also be used alongside all the other checkers mentioned on LexDis.