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JISC TechDis toolbar and LexDis participant in the news

This news item comes because recently there have been three articles about the JISC TechDis toolbar – It all started with Lifehacker on 24th June, 2010, followed by The H-online blog during the TransferSummit Conference on 25th June, 2010 and today we had the makeuseof.com blog under the title of “Bring Accessibility Features To All Websites With TechDis Toolbar” that has some really good screen grabs.   The server survived some incredible peaks and there have been over 25,000 uses of the toolbar in the last six days.

JISC TechDis toolbar stats

Other good news is that Neil Cotterell of LexAble.com,  developer of Global Autocorrect as a strategy to help his own spelling  has won a Young Achiever Award from the British Dyslexia Association.