ATbar Requirements (Draft 1.0)

Issue: Draft 1.0

Initial Work Requirements

ID Title Description
FR-IW-01 Modularisation Each function on the ATbar should be able to selected individually to populate the tool bar with user required functions.
FR-IW -02 Fix the web Report accessibility issues to “Fix the Web” organisation. The form needs to take under a minute to complete.
FR-IW-03 Text magnifier Increase or decrease text size.
FR-IW-04 Font changer Select a different font and increase the line spacing.
FR-IW-05 Style changer Change the colour of the ATbar toolbar as well as the webpage colours including the background, text and links. Pre-chosen styles should be available for the most common visual impairments.
FR-IW-06 Spell checker Checks spelling for plain text forms. Alternative suggestions should be displayed.
FR-IW-07 Dictionary When a word is highlighted and the dictionary selected, a definition from Wikitionary should appear.
FR-IW-08 Information for use Detailed user guide explaining each functions use and step by step images and instructions.
FR-IW-09 Restore webpage Reverts webpage back as normally seen.
FR-IW-10 Close ATbar Closes the ATbar stilling allowing the option to re-open it.
FR-IW-11 ALT tags Alternative text tags on all buttons
FR-IW-12 ATbar information Version number and website link should be provided.
FR-IW-13 x64 bit installer ATbar should be able to be installed on 32 and 64 bit operating systems.

Non-Functional Requirements

ID Title Description
NF-RQ-01 Clear icons The icons should clearly represent the task they perform.
NF-RQ-02 ATbar and icon size The ATbar toolbar and icons must be an appropriate size to be seen on common screen sizes (1024×768 upwards).

1 thought on “ATbar Requirements (Draft 1.0)

  1. E.A. Draffan

    Thanks Magnus for putting up the draft specification and we are hoping to discuss the use of an Arabic TTS and spell checking on Monday 11th July at our first meeting. We will also need to discuss the translation of much of our documentation into Arabic.

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