ATbar website mock-up

ATbar mockup site

I have created a mock-up of the ATbar website, which will contain the main features of the toolbar, download, instructions and help files. It is quite basic at the moment and just displays some simple information. The links are just ‘anchors’ but do not go anywhere.

The “kit” (module development)  and “API” (application interface) links are intended to be for two subsites and are therefore highlighted in orange. They will be changed to be more elegant in the future. The page has enough space for plenty of content and both images and text work with the colour scheme.

Atbar mockup site arabic

ATbar mockup site in Arabic

Currently there is no Arabic version, but there are language links in the footer. The Arabic link uses Google translate for a quick demonstration of how it might look. Plans for an Arabic site need to be discussed.



Please comment on the layout, colour scheme and design, this is only the first draft.

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  1. davidbanes

    This is looking good from our perspective – we look forward to seeing more and doing some user testing as required

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