ATbar Website Close to Deployment

atbar site

The ATbar website is at the stage where the framework is complete and the only thing missing is the content on a few minor pages. There are four sections to the website:
— Kit subsite
— API subsite
— Arabic version site

The Kit subsite is to hold the marketplace for additional modules for the toolbar, but until we have decided how that will be implemented we can’t start making the interface. Currently there is a placeholder with a “coming soon…” message.

The API subsite contains a Wiki for developers which will most likely list the code or have links to GitHub where it is currently published.

The Arabic site is the same as the English one expect for everything reading to from right to left. We will need someone to translate the pages into Arabic, but once that is done then it will be finished.

atbar arabic site

Downloading ATbar

The ATbar installer is available from the site now. Simply navigate to the download page and the automatic installer will pick the appropriate installation files depending on what browser you are using. Currently only Chrome and Safari are supported but we hope to include FireFox and IE in the future.

Remaining Tasks

Currently I am working on improving the instructions page to have detailed instructions of use however, these may need to change depending on what features we decide to use on ATbar v2.0. The Help and FAQ files are also under construction – any input with questions that you might think need answering would be appreciated.
The About and Privacy pages also need to be written (looking to E.A for input on those).