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Server upgrades, back up creation and improvements to the ATbar framework with documentation.

Magnus White has joined the team over the summer taking over from Seb Skuse who has joined an iPhone app development company.

Server monitoring

Monitoring server status

Magnus has spent much of his time setting up a new documentation system and upgrading the servers to host ATbar and the market place with a back up and monitoring system. This allows us to see at a glance all the systems working including the text to speech, spell checking and word prediction that use third party services. With around 1500 uses of the toolbar per day, upgrading the server had become essential and the timing was right with Magnus taking over as lead developer.

Monitoring ATbar services

Monitoring ATbar services

Lustig dance centre screen grab

ATbar used as part of the website code so remains persistent for all web pages on the site with any browser.



Looking at general stats on 19th Sept 2012 there is an interesting mix of uses of the ATbar:

498165 youtube.com
490799 google.co.uk
446676 facebook.com
436897 moodle.bradfordcollege.ac.uk
101987 en.wikipedia.org
60570 www.facebook.com
44861 bradfordcollege.ac.uk
42579 www.google.co.uk
40823 news.bbc.co.uk
32666 apps.facebook.com
30986 lustigdancetheatre.org
19748 jobseekers.direct.gov.uk
16322 thetelegraphandargus.co.uk
10839 search.ucas.com
8456 studyingonline.eu
6859 bing.com