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Arabic ATbar spell checking update

Magnus has added an extended Arabic dictionary to our spell checker which has resulted in better error correction. The size of this new dictionary is twenty times larger than the one used originally building on the original Aspell dictionary.  We are also able to supplement the database with additional words.

Arabic ATbar spell checkerAlaa has been testing the checker and noticed an error on our web page that we use for trying the toolbar.  This time the words offered as alternatives made sense and could be used when she was making mistakes.

Database for spelling errorsWe now have a database that records the word that has been misspelled, saves the error alongside the word that has been chosen from the correction list or notes the fact that the user has ignored the offered words.  The database handles all languages but those words in Arabic are appear incomprehensible to readers due to the UTF-8 coding.

Hunspell forming the basis of the spellchecker in Arabic

There are several spell checkers available as open source applications and much has been said about the quality of their output in English but there appears to be very little research when linked to the Arabic language.  However, Hunspell is used with many word processing packages.

Seb has succeeded in getting it to work with ATbar vers 2 which means that the Kit version is now almost in beta and there is the beginnings of an Arabic spell checker.

arabic spell checking

Internal Alpha testing of the spell checker.