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Minutes from the Skype team meeting 14th January, 2011

This meeting aimed to resolve the issues discussed in December and to allow us to move from phase three of the project to phase four in the coming months.

  • Apologies

There were no apologies for this meeting and Peter, Mike, Seb and E.A began the discussions and were later joined by Steve and Ross so the agenda switch around a little.

  • Minutes from last meeting –

These were discussed in relation to the other agenda items.

  • JISC Interim report

This was discussed and has now been filled in on-line.

  • AAATE paper

Peter to start and lead on paper for AAATE with the rest of the team contributing. Paper will be based on the Realise team discussions.

  • Market place and plans for Phase 4

This formed the major part of the discussion and related to the meeting held in December with the Advisory Group.

Batacuda screenshot

realise web page

Market Place

Drumbeat and Batacuda
Phase 3  to Phase 4 of the REALISE project requires that we make the marketplace available to the community very soon and Batacuda/Drumbeat is currently really not realistically able to satisfy all the requirements mentioned below in the next two months. We have found that as Drumbeat has so many projects it can be slow to navigate, the tagging system is huge which makes it hard to navigate when using screen reader software and there do not appear to be any search features. We will continue to monitor the situation as we really want to collaborate with the community as one of the possible ways we may achieve sustainability of the project.

New features required in the release version are:

  • Logins with more social networks plus picture log in from MAAVIS
  • 5 checks for moving between idea to incubator then 5 checks to move to project with a button to move to each stage.
  • Change the front page to have the content seen when logged in plus an easy to read explanatory paragraph – Peter and EA
  • Link Steve and Ross toolkits from Incubator.
  • Tagging related to what is available on EmpTech and include ‘other’
  • Button to show what open source software is available and link tags so just show what relates to the actual idea or project added to the market place.
  • Resources Tab – this will contain links to documents and sites that are useful to stakeholders.

Prepare for phase 4

Connection with users and businesses – need a user friendly article for AbilityNet and general publicity – Peter and EA to collaborate.

Great Oaks school teaching assistants therapists. SCOPE, BBC OUCH, University of 3rd Age and UK Online centres,  Sheffield 50plus users and Remap contact and D4D

Forum lists SENIT, Disforum, Assistech etc once article in AbilityNet is available.

  • Next meeting

Skype call – 2.00 p.m. 23rd February, 2011

Agenda for January 14th, 2011 Skype meeting.

The year has begun with a continued discussion on our Google group around the development of the REALISE Market Place linking with the minutes of the last meeting, alongside ideas for long term sustainability within the Mozilla Drumbeat Community.


  • Apologies
  • Minutes from last meeting
  • JISC Interim report
  • AAATE paper
  • Market place and plans for Phase 4
  • AOB
  • Next meeting