Join the REALISE Market Place! Open innovation for Assistive Technologies

Screen shot RealiseThe team have been working on the final phase of the REALISE Market Place. Recent changes to the website have been the result of our evaluation and discussions both off and on the project Google Group .  Do come and join us there!

The team’s 2 day meeting in March has resulted in the addition of the OSS Watch Openness Rating that is really an experts view on how to rate progress in readiness for a project’s launch onto the Open Source market.   You can now follow this progress once you have signed in.  The latter is possible through a Linkedin account or you can register separately to join REALISE.

Do you have an Idea?

If you have an idea that might help someone who has a disability or help those professionals working in this area of assistive technology – Add it now! Comments can be made about submitted ideas as well as votes if you think there is a good one.  Anyone can take an idea through into the incubator and there you will discover more advice about how to build a community and good governance around the project.

Projects in the Incubator may need both financial and programming skills to take them into the final section under the Projects Tab – Here you will see their Openness Rating once you have selected an individual project,  if it is being carried out.  Code maybe available, licences discussed and websites developed for each project with their own discussion forums and bug tracking sites.  At any stage you can follow progress and become involved whatever your skills. You may be a user offering advice about features, a developer solving particular problems or even someone with a commercial eye who can help sustain a project.

question markFinally we want to generate a series of FAQs to help users.  A small sample of the planned questions are already available under the Resources tab.  Send your queries to the Google Group or add them as comments under the REALISE idea on the actual site or at each stage as we push it into the Incubator and onwards as a living project!