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Comparing free /creative commons symbol dictionaries using an English Core Vocabulary

Speech and Language Therapists and other professions involved with the development of communication sets using symbols and pictograms have tended to use core vocabularies with supplementary words being added as required.

As a way of looking at three symbol dictionaries that are freely available I have taken words from the set developed by Gail Van Tatenhove and available from Prenkte Romich Company as a PDF download of ‘100 Frequently Used Core Words’  These are gathered from users of English in the United States of America and this is just to provide an example of the variations in the types of symbols available.

The three chosen symbols sets are ARASAAC, Mulberry and Sclera so far with a few of the core vocabulary words available as a Word Document. 100 core words with symbols

symbol sets

Example of symbol comparisons with some core words

It is possible to carry out this type of comparison using Picto-Selector – a  free small Windows / MacOS program that can be downloaded from the project website.   This program also allows you to see all the images in one area with choices of several other small dictionaries of images.

pictoselector images

Showing the choice of symbol dictionaries


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