Synote Mobile one of a collection of 15 OER innovative projects

Under the title of ’15 Reusable Technical Solutions for OER’  Amber Thomas has described the results of the recently finished JISC/HEA UK Open Educational Resources (OER) Programme.

(Slides created by JISC: Programme Manager Amber Thomas, Programme Office Alicja Shah, Technical Advisory JISC Cetis particularly Martin Hawksey. Dandelion Clock sourced through flickr and attributed on the front slide.)

The JISC Digital Infrastructure Team website hosting the slide share slides states that:

“These solutions address a range of issues that we identified in our original call for proposals, and they specifically address:

  • how to create rich machine-readable resources that contribute to the global content commons?
  • how to simply and cheaply host and display content?
  • how to enrich and manage audio-visual content in an educational context?
  • how to bring OER content closer to the everyday life of academics?
  • how to make use more visible to aid discovery and decision making?

All of the project outputs are reusable and the slidedeck includes links to key information. Final project reports will be available from the strand project pages. Please do try out the solutions provided, feed back to the projects and join the lively oer-discuss list to connect to people supporting open educational resources.

A huge thank you to the projects, and to Martin Hawksey, Phil Barker and Lorna Campbell of JISC CETIS for doing such fantastic work.”