Quiz – Second Try

This is the second quiz to help check what you may have learnt by looking at the accessibility training pages.

See if you can answer the questions – there may be multiple answers and at the end all of them will be revealed.  You can of course compare the score you get with the score you got the first time!

Question 1

You are the creator/provider of a public website that offers information about a project you are working on. This website is in the public domain and it has been discovered that users with little or no sight wish to use your website and screen reader software cannot read all of the elements of the pages, in particular the contact form. The creator is unaware that these users have problems using the website. Which of the following statements is true in accordance with the Equality Act 2010?


Question 2

It is common practice to talk about particular types of users when discussing web accessibility e.g. blind, deaf or those with visual impairments as opposed to identifying actual accessibility issues when discussing the types of adjustments needed. Why is the latter more helpful?


Question 3

A website with text and images has been taken through the process of using an automated accessibility checker. It has passed the test, but an accessibility expert says the website is still not accessible. What potential reasons could cause the website to still be inaccessible in this case?


Question 4

Some users need to use the keyboard to navigate through a website rather than a mouse; this may be accompanied with the use of screen reading software. Which of the following issues should be considered when developing a website to work with these assistive technologies?


Question 5

“Some people think that graphics are bad for accessibility. The truth is that graphics can be of great benefit to the accessibility of a web page by providing illustrations, icons, animations, or other visual cues that aid comprehension for sighted individuals.” (Webaim) What can enhance graphic design?


Question 6

A website has been developed, but it looks cluttered. Spacing between characters and lines of text is minimal and there is no clear division between various page sections. What potential accessibility issues directly relate to a lack of white space?


Question 7

Video is difficult to make accessible to all users. However, there are some alternative formats that can be offered. Which method is most widely used to aid video accessibility for those with hearing impairments?


Question 8

If you want to embed a video into your web page or blog, you will need to have it embedded within a media player on the page. Not all media players are accessible, and the creator of the page needs to be aware of how to check the media player’s accessibility. What can the creator of the page do to test the media player’s accessibility?


Question 9

Websites often offer extra documentation for download, such as information guides, user manuals, etc. Naturally these documents should be accessible. Which of the following features can enhance documentation accessibility?


Question 10

Accessibility is an issue that is important in terms of business success. This is not just because of the legal implications of ignoring it, but more disabled users now have access to the internet. How many disabled individuals access the internet in Europe?


Provided that you have chosen at least one check box for every question, you may select “Submit” to gain feedback on your scores and all the answers.