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A photo of ECS accessibility team member AAATE 2017
The 2017 AAATE Congress is a 4-day event about Assistive Technologies and taking place from 12-15th September 2017 in Sheffield (UK).
A photo of ECS accessibility team member Launch of the MOOCAP course on FutureLearn Oct 17th 2016
There is a new free online FutureLearn course starting on Oct 17th called " Digital Accessibility: Enabling Participation in the Information Society" Learn about how technology can be used to assist us all in our daily lives. The course will also discuss how to overcome the barriers that may be introduced by digital content and technologies.
A photo of ECS accessibility team member Exploring Pedagogies in Disability Studies
The field of disability studies is recognised and valued for research and practice across disciplines in the UK and beyond. This symposium aims to explore distinctive approaches to teaching, learning and assessment that have emerged from and with disability studies.