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What is InStep?

InStep is a video based evidence creation application that allows you to make a repository of videos that are used for activity-based assessment. Videos of differing times can be looked at to identify the learner's progress. This is designed so that learner activities can be assessed in a non-traditional fashion, as not all standard assessment criteria may be suitable for the various intended learning outcomes. InStep may be an ideal alternative for assessment in some cases, as disabilities or special requirements may render standard assessment criteria inappropriate or unpractical.


InStep aims to have an application that can hold video evidence of learner’s activities and enable these videos to be searched by learner activity and/or date. When searching by learner and activity a selection of clips from different dates will be displayed with the means to compare two videos on the same screen, at the same time.


  • Star College
  • ESPA College
  • Rix Centre
  • John Sewell: JISC TechDis Associate

Principal Investigators

  • E.A. Draffan
  • Dr Mike Wald

Other Investigators

  • Sebastian Skuse

Funded by

A logo of the partner organisation JISC Techdis