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This project aims to produce an open source Windows-based screen magnifier that will run from a USB pen drive and work in line with the NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) free and open source screen reader for use by visually impaired users.


Although magnification has available in various forms since Windows XP, it is felt that these systems do not offer a portable solution with links to an open source screen reader or such options as:

  • Inverting on-screen colours for better contrast, providing users with multiple colour combinations to choose from for text, foreground and background.
  • Font smoothing.
  • Level of magnification, fractional magnification.
  • Full Screen Magnification.
  • Magnifying Lens/Loupe.
  • Strip Magnifier.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Split Screens.
  • Ability of visualising the mouse pointer in the magnified area (and changing its colour/size).
  • Ability to use the mouse in the magnified area.

This project will build on the work of the LATEU-funded Access Tools with the accessible USB pen drive menu and inclusion of other free and open source applications.

Principal Investigators

  • E.A. Draffan
  • Dr Mike Wald

Other Investigators

  • Sebastian Skuse

Funded by

A logo of the partner organisation Computer Aid International