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SBRI-Plain Sailing

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The SBRI Plain Sailing competition focuses on enabling users to produce and navigate digital information independently, anytime, anywhere and in a user-friendly way. Companies who succeeded in attracting funding will champion the use of freely accessible, open source software packages which can run on the latest technology platforms. A number of the proposed developments feature the use of cloud, desktop and mobile applications, building (not duplicating) on many of the freely available Apps and tools on the market. The funding has been awarded to iansyst, enabling the company to lead a consortium to develop a multi-platform, accessible document conversion & management tool.

MyDocStore will use cloud, desktop and mobile based file management and address the missing link in accessible transfer of files with users’ preferences for accessing all forms of digital resources. MyDocStore aims to make it quick and easy to transfer files between devices whilst simultaneously converting them into the user’s preferred format - whether text, audio or a combination of both. This service will not only benefit learners who experience difficulties with reading due to a disability such as dyslexia or a visual impairment, but also those who want to read documents and content when on the move.

iansyst is working alongside the Electronics and Computer science department at the University of Southampton and Raspberry Software Ltd, to develop the proposal. The consortium has been given six-months to develop a proof of concept and explore its benefits with users.

For further information about iansyst Ltd, please visit the web site at or Tel: 01223 420101.


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