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  • RT @DyslexiaAction: #TechThursday Rewind: How to get help with maths with simple but powerful online tools.

    E.A. Draffan on TwitterE.A. Draffan 1 week ago

  • is it my eyes but Tower Bridge seems to be leaning!

    E.A. Draffan on TwitterE.A. Draffan 1 week ago

  • RT @LeonieWatson: Excellent analysis of why the hamburger icon doesn't work, by @JamesArcher - "Rules are no replacement for thinking" http…

    E.A. Draffan on TwitterE.A. Draffan 1 week ago

  • AHG Accessible Media, Web & Technology Conference, Denver USA - really good for hands on advice when working in HEis

    E.A. Draffan on TwitterE.A. Draffan 1 week ago

  • Blog Posts and News
  • More Vocabulary lists and papers for conferences Tue, 18 Aug 2015 21:30:42 +0000

    The last two months have seen some members of the team taking time out, one member heading off to carry out research at MIT and two members introduced us to their new daughters! Other members of the team have been on holiday, not all to sunny climes! However the work has continued and from a […]

  • Communication Boards and Website development Tue, 30 Jun 2015 13:43:21 +0000

    Sample Communication boards In recent weeks Nadine has begun to develop communication boards that are using the Arabic Symbol Dictionary customised symbols alongside ARASAAC symbols.   This is all part of the ongoing development and evaluation process with participants in particular AAC users whose opinions we are seeking.   Examples are provided below as a […]

  • Additional symbols for Qatari culture based on ARASAAC symbols. Sun, 31 May 2015 19:35:15 +0000

    Over the last few months Dana Lawand (as the project graphic designer) has been building up a guide to the changes she has been making to the symbols that have been developed for each voting session.  Here are just a few of the early guidelines that may help others working in the world of localisation. […]