The Adaptable and Learnable User Interface for Analysing Recordings (ALUIAR) project software will be open source and freely available and will build on the open source, freely available cross browser web based tool Synote1 to enable researchers and undergraduate and postgraduate students to analyse recordings. ALUIAR will facilitate the collaborative analysis and coding of video or audio recordings and the synchronising of notes and any associated tags they create during research observations or interviews with audio or video recordings of these activities as part of a qualitative study (e.g. ethnographic research). These synchronised annotations will support research by making the recordings easier to access, search, manage, code and analyse than any existing applications.

Synote, developed by the JISC funded MACFOB project2 is a freely available open source web based application that was developed to enable people to individually or collaboratively annotate recordings during or after a lecture or meeting with synchronised notes and tags to make it easy to bookmark, search, find, or associate their notes or resources with any specific section of that recording. Synote provides the interactivity and functionality for recorded material that contents pages, indexes and page numbers provide for a text book. ALUIAR will build on Synote’s ability to use either automatic speech recognition or manual transcription of recordings to empower non-specialist users, and increase their research efficiency. Although Synote was not originally developed to analyse recordings for research purposes its power, flexibility and adaptability was identified by users as offering something valuable that was not offered by tools developed specifically for research purposes.

The ALUIAR project will provide an adaptable and learnable user interface for Synote to support the coding and analysis of recordings for research purposes.

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