Lexdis began as a co-design project with students to collate strategies on how students were using technology to overcome barriers to learning.


As technology has evolved so has Lexdis.

In this latest update we have added a Digital Accessibility Section to help organisations ensure their websites, apps and digital platforms are compatible with the range of tools and assistive technologies that are now freely available.

On Lexdis you can explore:

Strategies: review technology strategies collated from students and staff.

Digital Accessibility: find out how you and your organisation can make sure your websites, apps and digital content will be compatible with assistive technology and meet accessibility standards.

Guides: a collection of guides on how to create accessible learning materials, understanding the difficulties faced by disabled students and how to support digital accessibility across a university.

Project originally funded by


Jisc is a United Kingdom public body whose role is to support post-16 and higher education, and research, by providing leadership in the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in learning, teaching, research and administration.