Agenda 7th ALUIAR meeting – 16th December 2-3pm Access Grid Room, Building 32, level 3

synote logosHere comes the last of our meetings for the project before we need to finalise the evaluation interviews and set up all the transcripts on our newly named version of Synote for use by researchers!

We still need more votes for the name – Please use the iSurvey site for this purpose



  1. Apologies already received from Lisa Harris, Lisa Roberts, Mary Gobbi and Lester Gilbert.
  2. Results of the naming exercise for the ALUIAR version of Synote
  3. Results from the SUS evaluation on iSurvey as a result of viewing the new interface design for learnability and usability.
  4. Overview and discussion about the initial comments from interviews undertaken with the team and external evaluators.
  5. Changes to be made to the final iteration
  6. Legal aspects, data protection and downloads.
  7. Final Report Blog and JISC meeting
  8. AOB