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Agenda for 6th ALUIAR Meeting.

white board notes

White board notes

The Agenda for the next meeting is as follows

  • Apologies
  • Outcome of Legal Discussions
  • Overview of the present web site as per requests above
  • Foot-pedal experiments
  • Dates for user testing
  • AOB
  • Date for next meeting.
Yunjia has been working on the ALUIAR version of Synote and we have been adding content to show the new features and discussing how they may impact on the user.
foot pedal

Start-Stop General Purpose Pedal Power Control System

Foot-pedal tests have been undertaken using a Start-Stop HDP-3S pedal from HTH Engineering Inc.  The software has allowed us to allocate controls as per the original Synote keyboard shortcut accessibility options.  This particular software offers the user the chance to set up any combination of keyboard short cuts to control the multimedia player.
So it is also possible just to use the space bar to stop and nudge back as mentioned in the previous meeting.
foot pedal controls
Foot pedal control for the keyboard strokes.
By the time of the meeting we would like to be able to not only continue with the user testing with more researchers but also return to our initial interviews and review reaction related to the changes that have been made to the interface in terms of usability and learnability.