Monthly Archives: July 2012

ATbar Marketplace update in Arabic and English

Over the last two weeks Magnus has been working hard to make the Arabic marketplace and the English marketplace easier to use – Now it is time for testing and providing comments!  With over 30 plugins it was becoming apparent that we needed to sort and filter the contents of the marketplace.

 Search and Filter

The ‘Search’ works in English and Arabic and you can search for plugin and toolbar names, descriptions and categories plus tags that are language specific. Search words are recorded so that we are aware what is being searched and can work on the type of plugins that may be required.  The search is not collecting any IP addresses or personal data.

Plugins can be filtered by language and category and you can set the number of items to be viewed per page so that you do not have endless plugins scrolling down.  However, once a plugin has been chosen the page jumps back to where you were if choose to have a long list.

plugin filters

 Language changes

If you are in a page belonging to one language it is now possible to switch between languages and stay on the same page rather than jump back to home.

Install Toolbars

There is now a helpful arrow to show you how to add a toolbar to your browser.  The only problem we have to overcome is the fact that the ‘Install button’ becomes the name of your toolbar and you might need to re-name the bookmark (right hand mouse – edit (Chrome) or rename (Internet Explorer) in your bookmark/favorites list or under properties in Firefox).  This is available in both Arabic and English.

toolbar link

rename toolbar

This is how you rename the toolbar of your choice.  There is the possibility of using the title of a toolbar for the install button but this could mean the name is too long – short names are best.