Monthly Archives: January 2014

Responsive design for ATbar

mobile ATbarATbar has taken on a new look that will work on mobile technologies – it has become responsive – we are testing it at present but in the coming weeks we hope to release a version that allows tablet and mobile phone users to easily access all parts of ATbar including text to speech with a new player.

It may not be necessary to have text to speech as an option on some tablets and mobile as operating systems such as iOS offer VoiceOver and a speak feature when sections of web pages are highlighted but some other mobile operating systems do not offer this option.  You can now highlight words and select the speaker icon and ATbar will read out the content.

We are still trying to resolve the issue of adding bookmarks to mobile web browsers but this is a challenge that we reckon we should be able to overcome! Watch this spot.

Atbar spellingOther updates have included improved design for the spell checker with easier to read drop down boxes and other dialog boxes are becoming easier to use being less affected by websites cascading style sheets.  It has also been noted that the ATbar spell checker often catches misspellings more accurately than some browser options!  The spelling checker has a way of learning from mistakes thanks to the collection of the mistakes collected – when used it asked users to accept the correction each time – now it will only asks once.

Obviously all these aspects of ATbar will be available in Arabic and English.  It is hoped that when we have our symbol dictionary working in web pages, ATbar will help users select symbols with speech output.