Monthly Archives: September 2010

Minutes for the virtual meeting 23rd September, 2010

Minutes of last meeting and signing off of items.

Consortium agreements Action PC to follow up the consortium agreements.

OSSWatch models and differentiation tools

There was a long discussion about the need to develop tools to aid all sides of the community to engage with open source development. Both Ross and Steve agreed to help with this aspect in the coming months. Action RG and SL

Garry Paxton from the Advisory Group joined the discussion with some very helpful advice and guidance on the subject. He added the dimension of charities and trustees to the debate along with IPR and legal issues. The problem of knowing the right questions to ask as well as issues around risk management and liabilities.  Ross and Steve agreed that a November workshop was a possibility to discuss the early stages of support. The workshops at AAATE and RAATE would also provide good opportunities to gain community feedback as would providing appropriate material on the REALISE website. Action All

Advisory Group meeting

The full Advisory Group meeting has been postponed till the November group workshop due to the absence of many of the members of the group at this time. The location and date has yet to be decided. Action All

REALISE website discussion

The first template for a possible REALISE website was viewed  and discussions centred around the type of open source framework required and how an iteritive approach would be needed to ensure suitable functionality and community engagement. Issues discussed included the possibilities of joining an existing related open source project community such as Mozilla Drumbeat and persuading them to accept changes we required in their code or just changing their code without the support of their community. The various possibilies will be further investigated.

Date of next Meeting has yet to be fixed but the team will be meeting at AAATE conference and presenting on a wide range of topics.