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Agenda and Minutes from the Virtual Team Meeting Feb 23rd 2pm (Skype)

OSSWatch opennessThe Agenda for this month’s meeting picks up on all the comments we have been collecting around the Prototype of the REALISE Market Place and was kept short – In fact it was further curtailed by various Skype issues – rain on the line to one particular part of the country possibly!

  • Apologies –

None just periodic absences due to Skype

Mike and E.A. fed back comments from the online meeting and discussed future contact with ‘Critical friends’ and Punam Khosla from JISC TechDis regarding the stakeholder aspects of the project.

Ross explained how he felt there were still several changes to be made to the Market Place.

There were questions around IP and Copyright – some questions could be added to the Community Explorer tool – SL

traffic lightsDiscussions around traffic lights, complexity and people could be heard in between silence.  It soon became clear that a dodgy Skype line was not going to solve all the queries that were cropping up.  it was decided at this point  that it was crucial to go through the OSSWatch Openness Rating mentioned within the Software Sustainability Maturity Model. Three possible projects were chosen as case studies and a meeting will be held at the University of Southampton on 10/11th March 2011 to go through the items in detail. In the meantime any bugs, ideas or features could be listed on the REALISE Software configuration management site

The remaining items on the Agenda will be discussed during the two days. RG. SL, PC, SS, MW, EAD

  • Link up with groups – confirm names and ways of making more business links
  • Feedback from KT-Equal
  • AAATE and other conferences and workshops
  • AOB

Date of next face to face meeting 10/11th March, 2011 at University of Southampton.

REALISE prototype

REALISE web pageIt is hoped the Realise Market place for open source assistive technology projects can explore the idea of open innovation whilst also linking to all the community features mentioned by Paul Osman in his blog about the latest version of Mozilla Drumbeat.  As Peter Cudd – a team member has said the aim is for  REALISE to be “a free on-line tool to help people develop new software technologies that make using the Internet, computers and mobile devices easier for people who struggle with these systems. We hope that people who need this kind of help or their carers and professionals that supply or make these kinds of technology will all join in.

How it works : Realise is completely open, everyone who uses the site can see what everyone else has entered and anyone can enter ideas. The ideas can be from someone saying “I need help with a problem” or someone suggesting a solution. Other people can then comment on the idea. If enough people show an interest in an idea and someone wants to take the idea forward it can be changed and move into what we have called the ‘incubator’.

In the incubator a group with a possible leader tries to get a ‘project’ going – that is one or more developers designing a solution whilst working with those who submitted an idea or problem. When it comes to considering the idea as a project it may or maynot be funded at this stage.  The projects will normally be open and have their own on-line website and network of interested people especially those trialling the outcomes.

At any stage commercial companies or researchers can become involved and may often lead at the incubator or project stages. In the end companies may make money out of a project but will need to keep to any agreements during the development stages.

Researchers may show their interest by suggesting and developing solutions and by offering to collect evidence that solutions do in fact work. ”

Please go ahead and try the REALISE site and let us know if you wish to see additional features or have any problems with access. Please bear in mind this is very much work in progress and you may like to join us in the discussions we are having on our REALISE Google Group